The leading manufacturers of Connectors used in the Wiring Harness and Precision Components meant for Automotive, Tractors, Earth movers, Computers, Electrical, Electronics, Home appliances and other applications
Male & Female Connectors
Connectors - 090 Series Coupler Lock Types
Connectors - 090 Series - Water Proof
Connectors - 090 Terminal Lock Sealed
Connectors - 090 Terminal Lock
Connectors - 250 Series Coupler Lock
Connectors - 250 Series Terminal Lock Type
Connectors - 350 Series
Connectors - 040 Series PCB Mount
Relay Connectors
Cable Tie
Cable Holders
Fuse Cases & Boxes
Precision Electrical Parts
Bulb Holders
Auto Electrical Parts
Plastic Components
Precision Engineering Parts
New Items
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